On Vacation!!

Sorry for the blackout. Took a little unexpected time off to celebrate making it through the holiday season and shirked some bloggin’ responsibility. What have I been doing? Mostly just playing catch up. Lots of cleaning, socializing with people and preparing for the months ahead…. Oh and playing THIS BAD BOY!

Bioware took everything they did wrong in the first one and corrected it and took everything they did right and improved it.

Bioware’s niche has always been storytelling. It’s the selling point of SWTOR as far as MMOs go. If you want any idea of what direction Bioware will take with SWTOR play a few hours of ME2 and Dragon Age: Origins. They are making gaming history with the sheer level of depth and consequence in their games.

This game is fantastic to say the least. Only a few technical issues away from a masterpiece. I don’t remember the last time I marathon’d a video game like this and felt compelled to start a 2nd campaign as soon as I was finished.

If you have a 360 there is no excuse for missing out on this. Don’t rent… Go buy now.


~ by fluggycha on January 30, 2010.

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