Roadmappin’ it. SNA Mission Statement.

Starting any kind of blog is quite the undertaking. You have to decide what you want to talk about and who you are trying to talk to. Then you have to decide how fast you are going to start running.

My goal is to create an environment where people can come and get up to date information on the Sith Inquisitor class. A “one stop shopping” experience for all your Inquisitor needs.

As of right this split second, specifics are a bit scarce. But what should we expect? For all we know, SWTOR might have another full year of development ahead. I am sure that as things progress this will become a more time consuming endeavor, and I look forward to it!

My current goal with this blog is to stay productive at 3 posts minimum per week.

  • Mondays I will do something I will call “Monday Musings” where basically I talk about whatever is current or inspiring in life. Anything from pop culture to anything I find noteworthy. If I find it interesting, I’ll talk about it. It probably won’t have anything to do with the Inquisitor class but this is my soapbox– Deal with it.
  • Fridays will almost always be SWTOR specific, usually relating to Bioware’s official Friday release or addressing the rumor mill.
  • Sometime during the week I write a post that directly effects the Inquisitor class. No specific time frame, these posts will probably have more effort and work put into them but I can post them whenever I feel done.

Of course, it’s likely for me to chime in with random nuggets of love off this this schedule but this is the skeleton of the blog I hope to create.  There is also Twitter so I will try to keep the simpler stuff on there. No “I had 15 cheeseburgers” blog posts.

That’s pretty much it. Check back frequently and enjoy the ride.



~ by fluggycha on January 12, 2010.

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