Dromund Kaas: Center of The Empire

Friday, January 8th, Bioware officially announced the 9th playable planet in SWTOR… Dromund Kaas.

Dromund Kaas is an ancient Sith world that was lost over time then rediscovered by the remnants of the Sith after the Great Hyperspace War. It then became the core of the entire Empire while it slowly rebuilt it’s forces until it was ready to take revenge on the core systems.

Dromund Kass is mostly covered in thick jungle which hide the ancient Sith temples and ruins.  Upon rediscovery, the Sith Empire forged a large citadel in Kaas City, a symbol of the Emperor’s will and power.

The dark side of the Force surrounds Dromund Kaas. Giant electrical storms swirl around the planet, a direct result of the Emperor’s dark experiments for power. This showcases the violent heart of the Empire and it’s leader.

While the Sith onslaught has returned to the inner worlds, Dromund Kaas still stays the center and heart of the Empire. The Emperor himself a long with his Dark Council still make this place their home.

Overall, Dromund Kaas is a beautiful addition to SWTOR. The feel of the environment is perfect for the Sith Empire. The planet itself evidence of the power of the dark side and the Emperor.

Here is a quick link to a neat little fly over video and the holonet entry for Dromund Kaas as well.



~ by fluggycha on January 9, 2010.

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