Happy New Year!

Okay, I’ll try to type quietly for those of you still hungover.

Just taking a break from the awesomeness that is Super Metroid on my phone to wish you all a very happy 2010!

In popular opinion, mostly via facebook new year posts, 2009 pretty much sucked the big one. It’s pretty clear that 2009 was hard for most of us. Whether it was finances, relationships or losses, there are a lot of memories some would just be happy looking past.

The good news is that the new year gives us a clean slate. Now more than ever we realize that our potential is really only limited by our own drive. Get out there a do something heroic!

On a side note Bioware released an in depth look at the Imperial Agent class which can be seen here. So if that is your fancy— Enjoy it!

Have a great year everybody!!! — Now back to my little Samus…



~ by fluggycha on January 1, 2010.

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