The idea of Mustafar being a playable planet in SWTOR…. /cringe

I mean the planets entire purpose was to put Vaderkin in a situation where he could catch on fire.

Browsing the forums today I saw a fluff thread asking if Mustafar would be in TOR. I was fully prepared to come into the thread and flame (lolpun) any idea of Mustafar in this game but then I looked up Mustarfar’s page on Wookieepedia.

Appparently, Mustafar wasn’t always the screwed up plot device Episode 3 makes it out to be.

It says, me paraphrasing, that around 5000 BBY Mustafar was a lush green planet home to one of the most gifted Jedi masters and practitioners of the physical force ever. Then in 3996 BBY the onslaught of the re-emergent Sith brought a battle that was so EPIC it literally screwed up the planets orbit. This all takes place about 350 years before the Treaty of Coruscant.

Unfortunately that means Mustafar as we know it is still a fugged up lava lamp at the time SWTOR takes place. It would have actually been a cool/interesting idea if we could have had a pre-lava Mustafar in the game. It would add a similar nostalgic feeling like when they added Alderaan.

It’s like “Hey, you remember this planet this way… Well back then it was this, sucka!”

Realistically even as a paradise Mustafar wouldn’t be a likely pick for a playable planet. Lush landscapes, Jedi infested temples… Sounds really familiar. At any rate, it was still something to think about.

I wonder if there are other planets that underwent drastic changes before they were shown as we know them in the prequel/original trilogy.



~ by fluggycha on December 23, 2009.

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