Tatooine— Shocking!

Okay— So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Tatooine is going to be a playable planet in TOR… I mean that’s basically the equivalent of announcing that Jedi in The Old Republic will use lightsabers. However it is kinda surprising that it took Bioware this long to officially announce it.

I don’t think anyone was speculating that Tatooine wasn’t going to be in the launch version of the game. Take a look at any other Star Wars game out there and there’s a good chance theres a playable Tat level. Here we are 7 planets in and were just getting our first look at an all too familiar place.

Makes the newer sandcrawlers look like Honda Elements.

“The Jundland Wastes are not to be travelled lightly..”

As a Star Wars Galaxies player, I am very familiar with a realized Tatooine world in a MMO setting. It can be beautifully dangerous. There is literally tons of content that can be packed into Tatooine. The place in filled to the brim culture, mostly underworld and mercenary however it’s one of the best places to find adventure. Think of the entire planet as the sketchy part of town, families are not taking vacations here!

“Tatooine is sparcely populated– We shall find them quickly, master.”

What does this mean for Sith Inquisitors? Go watch a Star Wars movie, jebus… Imagine yourself a kin to Darth Maul. Hunting your way through the desert sands. Holding your saber to the throat of a less than willing informant. This world means nothing to you. It’s people and resources are yours for exploitation.

“If there’s a bright center of the universe, you’re on the planet that’s farthest from.”

An interesting quote from A New Hope… After all these years Tatooine would sure love to still be considered a little hide away planet with nothing going for it… That may have worked in 1977 but in 2009 that isn’t floating.

Get ready for drinks in the cantina with your favorite smuggler  and building sand castles with your new Jawa friends! (playable? /speculation)



~ by fluggycha on December 19, 2009.

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