Friday Feature 2/5/10: A Closer Look at the Inquisitor Storyline

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So today we Inquisitors received a nice little dedicated Friday Feature. It is a developer blog that manages to be specific to just the Sith Inquisitor class while not revealing a whole lot of new information. There is something worth pointing out however.

One of the hottest forum topics is the whole Ranged/Support spec = Palps vs Acrobatic Melee = Maul issue.  Bioware kind of pigeonholed themselves with these iconic descriptions, limiting your average SWTOR follower’s imagination to see what the classes could potentially become.

People need to start thinking outside of the box and realize that the whole Palps/Maul thing is just the inspiration for the specs, not the cookie cutter mold we are all going to be stuck in.

Someone isn't pleased with your lack of vision...

There’s a great quote from today’s feature about it:

I could tell you that the Sith Inquisitor is the Emperor Palpatine to the Sith Warrior’s Darth Vader, but that sells it short. The archetype is just inspiration. It’s not the destination, or the road we take to get there, but the guide. The Sith Inquisitor is Raistlin. The Sith Inquisitor is Lucifer. The Sith Inquisitor is Julius Caesar. The Sith Inquisitor is what you make him.

-Rebecca Harwick

The article then goes on to compare a few key differences between the Inquisitor and Warrior story wise. This justifies their decision for the two separate Sith classes versus just lumping it all into one storyline. There will be two very different and dynamic experiences.

There is a couple recycled images that we have had since the class was announced, so nothing new on the visual front. The article is still worth a read however. You can check it out here.

Okay time for more ME2…



On Vacation!!

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Sorry for the blackout. Took a little unexpected time off to celebrate making it through the holiday season and shirked some bloggin’ responsibility. What have I been doing? Mostly just playing catch up. Lots of cleaning, socializing with people and preparing for the months ahead…. Oh and playing THIS BAD BOY!

Bioware took everything they did wrong in the first one and corrected it and took everything they did right and improved it.

Bioware’s niche has always been storytelling. It’s the selling point of SWTOR as far as MMOs go. If you want any idea of what direction Bioware will take with SWTOR play a few hours of ME2 and Dragon Age: Origins. They are making gaming history with the sheer level of depth and consequence in their games.

This game is fantastic to say the least. Only a few technical issues away from a masterpiece. I don’t remember the last time I marathon’d a video game like this and felt compelled to start a 2nd campaign as soon as I was finished.

If you have a 360 there is no excuse for missing out on this. Don’t rent… Go buy now.

Fan Friday. January 15th, 2010.

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Today’s update is a Fan Friday, and while this may not be as interesting as say a class or planet reveal– It still has a few points of interest.

Most interesting of all (at least from my point of view :P) is a small animated clip featuring a Sith settlement on the war-torn planet Balmorra in a place called Sobrikill Valey.

Apparently this base was built in the most god awful place because it is in constant danger of orbital bombardment by the Republic. Luckily for the Empire, they possess technology similar to the Gungans in Episode 1 and errected a protective red bubble shield for protection.

Along with that there is this nice little picture showing off some of the different scar customizations you can have.

Other than that there isn’t much to be seen here. There is some fan art submissions worth taking a look at if you are into that kinda stuff, but personally I’m not so I’ll take the info for what it’s worth in wait for next Friday.

Link to the full Fan Friday article can be found here.


Roadmappin’ it. SNA Mission Statement.

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Starting any kind of blog is quite the undertaking. You have to decide what you want to talk about and who you are trying to talk to. Then you have to decide how fast you are going to start running.

My goal is to create an environment where people can come and get up to date information on the Sith Inquisitor class. A “one stop shopping” experience for all your Inquisitor needs.

As of right this split second, specifics are a bit scarce. But what should we expect? For all we know, SWTOR might have another full year of development ahead. I am sure that as things progress this will become a more time consuming endeavor, and I look forward to it!

My current goal with this blog is to stay productive at 3 posts minimum per week.

  • Mondays I will do something I will call “Monday Musings” where basically I talk about whatever is current or inspiring in life. Anything from pop culture to anything I find noteworthy. If I find it interesting, I’ll talk about it. It probably won’t have anything to do with the Inquisitor class but this is my soapbox– Deal with it.
  • Fridays will almost always be SWTOR specific, usually relating to Bioware’s official Friday release or addressing the rumor mill.
  • Sometime during the week I write a post that directly effects the Inquisitor class. No specific time frame, these posts will probably have more effort and work put into them but I can post them whenever I feel done.

Of course, it’s likely for me to chime in with random nuggets of love off this this schedule but this is the skeleton of the blog I hope to create.  There is also Twitter so I will try to keep the simpler stuff on there. No “I had 15 cheeseburgers” blog posts.

That’s pretty much it. Check back frequently and enjoy the ride.


Dromund Kaas: Center of The Empire

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Friday, January 8th, Bioware officially announced the 9th playable planet in SWTOR… Dromund Kaas.

Dromund Kaas is an ancient Sith world that was lost over time then rediscovered by the remnants of the Sith after the Great Hyperspace War. It then became the core of the entire Empire while it slowly rebuilt it’s forces until it was ready to take revenge on the core systems.

Dromund Kass is mostly covered in thick jungle which hide the ancient Sith temples and ruins.  Upon rediscovery, the Sith Empire forged a large citadel in Kaas City, a symbol of the Emperor’s will and power.

The dark side of the Force surrounds Dromund Kaas. Giant electrical storms swirl around the planet, a direct result of the Emperor’s dark experiments for power. This showcases the violent heart of the Empire and it’s leader.

While the Sith onslaught has returned to the inner worlds, Dromund Kaas still stays the center and heart of the Empire. The Emperor himself a long with his Dark Council still make this place their home.

Overall, Dromund Kaas is a beautiful addition to SWTOR. The feel of the environment is perfect for the Sith Empire. The planet itself evidence of the power of the dark side and the Emperor.

Here is a quick link to a neat little fly over video and the holonet entry for Dromund Kaas as well.


5 Reasons To Roll A Sith Inquisitor

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Another Holiday season in our past. I sincerely hope you all have enjoyed your break with friends and family. 2009 was very special to me, and I am blessed to have the life I live.

Sorry about the delay of posting. I wanted to start off the new year right so I figured it would be kind of nice to talk about some of the biggest draws to the Inquisitor class in an unranked 5 reasons to play a Sith Inquisitor in SWTOR!

Reason #1: LIGHTNING!

Okay durr, anyone reading this blog has seen this. One of the biggest draws to this class is the face that you are going to be the dark side in corporeal form. One of the many perks to that is the fact that you will be able to literally launch storms at your opponents. The whole premise of the Inquisitor class is that you are a being that searches out the strange and powerful abilities “some may consider to be unnatural”.

Lightsabers? You don’t need a silly lightsaber. You are the dark side.

Reason #2: Brains Over Brawn

While the Sith Warrior class emphasizes brute strength and force to achieve goals the Sith Inquisitor subscribes to the “Knowledge is Power” theory.

Scenario: A Pirate Faction has exclusive rights to trade routes needed to aid your forces.

I suppose one could just storm in and kill the whole lot. But why get your hands dirty and your people killed when you can manipulate the 2nd in command into thinking he should be running the show. At the same time you can befriend the leader and plant evidence that the 2nd in command is stealing from him. The two go at it and wipe themselves out leaving you will all their resources at your disposal.

Reason #3: Diverse Play Style

No slide here--- This stuff is just delicious.

From the information we have gathered so far, the Inquisitor is set up to be one of the most versitile classes in the game. Melee, Ranged, Group Support, Heals… All confirmed for the Sith Inquisitor and we don’t even know the details of our specializations yet.

The Sith Inquisitor may become the jack of all trades in SWTOR. Flexibility is awesome for people who have a short attention span or like to mix things up every once in a while. No one likes repetitive gameplay and this is just one more bonus in the Inquisitor collumn.

Reason #4: Lead the Empire

Politics, scheming– all part of the lifeblood that is the Sith Inquisitor.

There are many different types of people in the Sith Empire. The Bounty Hunter is a mercenary, the Imperial Agent is the scout, the Sith Warrior is the muscle— But the Inquisitor is the drive, cunning and influence. The holonet describes the Sith Inquisitor as a class that will shape or break future of the Sith Empire.

Reason #5: This Guy

One of the greatest Sith Lords of all time. Masqueraded his way into political power, orchestrated a galaxy wide civil war and brought the Jedi order to the brink of extinction.

Palps is straight up the man, and given that our class is heavily influenced by him that is all the reason I need to play as an Inquisitor.


Happy New Year!

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Okay, I’ll try to type quietly for those of you still hungover.

Just taking a break from the awesomeness that is Super Metroid on my phone to wish you all a very happy 2010!

In popular opinion, mostly via facebook new year posts, 2009 pretty much sucked the big one. It’s pretty clear that 2009 was hard for most of us. Whether it was finances, relationships or losses, there are a lot of memories some would just be happy looking past.

The good news is that the new year gives us a clean slate. Now more than ever we realize that our potential is really only limited by our own drive. Get out there a do something heroic!

On a side note Bioware released an in depth look at the Imperial Agent class which can be seen here. So if that is your fancy— Enjoy it!

Have a great year everybody!!! — Now back to my little Samus…